Our Quality Guarantee
Product quality has become a company’s promise and base. The quality of the product determines the life of the product, is the development fate of the enterprise! There is no market without quality! Without quality, there is no benefit! No quality without development!
Production Equipment
Since development from 2012, COOC’s production equipment has increased to 20 sets. They are Wood board CNC engraving machine 10 sets, Cloth cutting machine 8 sets and Optimal cross-cut saw 2 sets. Sufficient production equipment has greatly increased the production capacity of COOC FURNITURE. At present, our daily production capacity has reached upholstered sofa 300 sets a day, upholstered bed 450 pcs a day, mattress 700 pcs a day, living room accessories furniture 2000 pcs a day
Factory Tour
COOC New Era Industrial Park: COOC started an industrial park of 100,000 square meters in 2019, which is a production base integrating office, production, and research and development. The assembly line upgrade with TPS standardized production mode and the 5S standardized management application mark the historical milestone of COOC transition from traditional production mode to lean production. Lean assembly line semi-automatic production model is the most advanced production and manufacturing guarantee capacity, in 2020, the COOC production base has expanded to 250,000 square meters, achieved a double increase in production capacity
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